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The Train that Gave Me Power, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Train in Colorado Springs

Still life photography is one of those things that just doesn't happen often for me. My kiddos are generally always with me or I am elbow deep in school work or tasks for my business. Sometimes though, sometimes I get to take images of stuff that reaches beyond my comfort zone. 

In 2015 when I first moved to Colorado, I can remember pulling into town and driving towards downtown under the Uintah bridge. I had just spent the last five years of my life on an isolated ranch in middle of nowhere Nebraska and the sight of a giant shiny CIRCUS train stopped on the bridge was more than my brain could process. This stuff actually exists? I was in awe. Dumbstruck. I had to document this.

The next morning I got up at 5am and journeyed down to the tracks where the train sat. Focusing on the details of the train, rather than the fact that it was a circus train was the goal. To encompass the story of the metal boxes. In 2016, when the circus and train came back to town I revisited the metal beast (with a fancy new camera in tow) and tried to take myself back to the day I moved to town.

This set of images has a symbolic meaning to me beyond what I knew when I was creating them. They signal a new start. A fresh journey of hope and happiness. They mark the turning of a page and the strength of being on my own. I am glad I stepped outside of my comfort zone and took the time to document this train.

The circus is no longer in service and that's okay with me. I have these timeless images that no one will ever be able to take away from me. I have the memory attached to the giant metal boxes that paves the way for new life. When I look at them I do not just set a set of still life images. I see my life. Renewed, healthy and just like the train; moving forward. Inch by inch as the heavy train starts to move and then, when it reaches its full power, it is difficult to stop without some force. 

That is me. Moving forward with such gusto that it would be difficult for someone to stop me in my tracks.

I am proud to share that these images are on display at The Perk Downtown in Colorado Springs. Located on S. Tejon Ave near Pikes Peak Ave, the coffee, tea and wine shop creates an atmosphere of relaxation and calm. 

There are 20 pieces total in this collection that hang on the wall of the Perk. Of course, they are for sale but that is not why I write or share this blog post.

I write this morning because I want to share with you the power of symbolic hope. The train that I captured created a sense of renewed power and drive for me. Trains are heavy, oh so heavy, but they are also powerful and full of might. Difficult to start but even more difficult to stop, I look to the train as my reminder that I too am like a locomotive. You can't stop me. Not without a fight.

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