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Colorado Springs Photographer visits California

Join my family and I on our California trip to the ocean.

Colorado Springs photographer travels to the west coast

My family and I traveled to Los Angeles and San Diego, California earlier this year. We were missing three of our five kiddos but we still had a lovely time. My son, who is 6 and my daughter, 13 had never seen the ocean before. You can imagine their faces when we first laid eyes on that vast sea of blue. We visited in the early part of the year when the beaches were mostly empty. It was perfectly perfect and it filled our souls to the brim. Open spaces and the sound of waves lapping on the sand. Giggles, running, squishing the sand between our toes and loving on each other, the way families should.

We loosely planned out this trip. A day in Hollywood checking our the stars and Chinese theater. Eating pizza as big as our heads. We even hiked up to a fabulous view of the Hollywood sign. My son had just watched a show the week prior that showed the sign so he was quite impressed with himself. We spent a day on Venice Beach. Collecting sea shells, building sand castles and running to and fro with the waves. I can still hear the laugher and the tears of this day. We were all having a blast and then my daughter lost her phone to the sea gods. Lost and gone forever. Forever a lesson learned. On our last day, we traveled down to San Diego and stayed the night in a marina on a houseboat! It was a treat to say the least. The visit to Sea World the next day was equally impressive and fun for our family. Over all, this trip was a huge success for us. 

I finally had a chance to work through these images over the past few weeks (months after our trip) and it filled my heart again. Knowing that I took my "big girl" camera on this trip and making sure I captured these moments means so much to me. I often debate on whether or not I will lug the giant camera around with me because it is often in the way and ever so heavy. I have learned an important lesson with these images. Yes, it is worth it. It is so worth it. Every single image brings me back in a way I don't feel my phone camera ever could. I feel content with these. I feel happy with these. I feel fulfilled with this choice. Forever thankful.

Brother and sister visit Chinese Theater in Hollywood California.

Teenage girl enjoys giant slice of pizza pie in Hollywood, California.

Little boy hikes the trail up to visit the Hollywood sign in Hollywood, California.

Family takes a break while hiking to the Hollywood sign in Hollywood California.

Hollywood sign hiking break with family in California.

Mother and daughter pose in front of Hollywood sign in California.

Little boy explores cactus during a hike in the mountains of Hollywood, California.

Little boy explores wild flowers during mountain hike in Hollywood, California.

Little boy poses near Venice Beach in California.

Brother and sister dance on Venice Beach boardwalk near the ocean in California.

Family explores the California coast at Venice Beach near the Santa Monica Pier.

Couple talks a romantic walk on the California coast in Venice Beach.

Little boy enjoying a run along the coast in California.

Little boy enjoying digging in the sand on a California beach.

Girl upset over losing phone in Pacific Ocean.

Family takes break near beach in California.

Older men brace the fierce California surf.

Boy touches shark in touch pool at Sea World San Diego California.

Girl enjoys sky ride at Sea World San Diego in California.

Brother and sister enjoy looking at the sea life at Sea World San Diego in California.

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