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Sandy Fales of Wild Prairie Photography writes a question and answer column for Dear Photographer Magazine.

Dear Photographer is a photographer community that is full of amazing images and even more amazing talent and people. Created to lift photographers up and celebrate their accomplishments and help them grow into better, more creative artists.

My involvement with Dear Photographer started in 2015, when we were The Thrifty Tog Blog; a blog focused on giving photographers the tools needed to stretch their budgets. With advice on thrifting and create one of a kind items through DIY means, we drew in a crowd. 

After a few months we felt that the Thrifty Tog Blog wasn’t encompassing all that we set out to do and a total revamp was in order. My friends Adri and Jesica (yes, with one S!) founded Dear Photographer soon after we closed the doors on the Thrifty Tog Blog. What started as a thrifting blog turned into something I don’t think either of them imagined it would be. 

Dear Photographer currently boasts over a 40k following on Instagram. Can we just stop for a second and take that in? It feels so wonderful to be a part of something so profound. 

I write for Dear Photographer. We launched a magazine in January 2017 and it was full of amazing articles and inspiration. I contribute to Dear Photographer by writing their questions and answer column. The column is geared toward helping new photographers find their way. Whether it a gear question or how to get your clients to relax with you, I answer it all. I have to be honest. It pretty much rocks.

Dear Photographer also hosts a Collective each year. In 2016, the event took place in Chicago. Thirty photographers from all over North America met for a weekend of education, food and bonding. I was fortunate enough to attend and it opened my eyes in the photography world. I was honored to meet some of my photography heros and it was almost like a hollywood moment. Star. Struck.

I am proud to say that I am a part of this community of honest and hardworking creators. To call them my friends. To know that each and every one of them is in it for the same reason. For the love of photography and the power it holds over us. 

 The Dear Photographer community keeps growing month by month and it has developed into something beyond anything we expected. So much love and support pour out and into this community. Join us!

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