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The Pacific Coast

The Pacific Coast and Lessons in Love

Twins play in the forest on trek down to the pacific coast in Oregon.

 These children, their hearts, their souls, their little feet. I am lucky enough to be in their lives. I am damn lucky and I know it. My own children are nearly 14 and nearly seven. For these two little loves to be in my life is like a step back in time for me. A time when belly laughs and silly faces run rampant. A time where love is unconditional and simple. Don’t get me wrong, my own two kids exhibit all of those traits as well but there is something about coming out of the toddler phase and into a tiny person phase that lends something extra. There is also something special about loving children who are not from your own body. Bonus children. They are bonus the love, bonus the laughs, bonus the midnight snuggles. I am lucky to be able to love them and I do not take a minute of it for granted.

When you love someone with children, you take on a whole other world of love than you thought you would encounter. I had never dated anyone with children of their own before so I did not know what it felt like to love children so much that had another mother. A mother who trusts another woman to take care of her children when she isn’t there. To provide them with an equal amount of love and care in her absence. To understand that all I want for them is to create happy memories and moments and that I am forever thankful to her for allowing me the opportunity to be the “other” woman in their lives.

The time Daniel and I spent with Emma and Jackson in Oregon was time that made me realize just how lucky I am to be able to call them part of my life. I miss them and cannot wait until I can hold them in my arms again. We have big plans for summer but in the meantime, I will relish in the moments we shared on the Pacific Coast.

Twins explore the jungle on the Oregon Coast at Oswald West State Park.
Father of twins shows them nature in the Oregon Forest on the Pacific Coast.
Little boy enjoys hiking in trees in the Pacific Coast forest in Oregon.
Little girl smiles and is enjoy her time in a tree in Oregon at Oswald West State Park.
Children walk with their dad in the Oregon Forest in Oswald West State Park.
Children hike with their dad on the coast of the Pacific Ocean at Oswald West State Park.
Little boy is in awe of the Pacific Ocean during hike with his family at Oswald West State Park.
Father and his children walk along the coast in Oregon.
Little boy enjoys playing in the water near the Pacific Coast in Oswald State Park.
Little boy and his sister throw rocks and sand during trip to the Pacific Coast.
Family enjoys playing in the ocean with in Oregon.
Little boy hikes on rocks near the ocean in Oswald West State Park.
Little boy walks with a stick during hike in Oregon forest in Oswald West State Park.
A dad walks with his two small children on path in Oregon forest.
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